IEF is an international postgraduate program of advanced learning in Islamic Economics and Finance in the light of a generalized system approach to the study of complex system and its policy-theoretic empirical analysis. The central methodology of IEF is the study of world-system by means of Tawhid. Tawhid means the oneness of Allah expressed in the unity of the monotheistic law governing the domain of 'Everything'. Within this generalized world-system of unity of knowledge rests the highly sophisticated study of IEF. Its methodology is to derive from the Qur'an, the Sunnah, and learned discourse the methodology and application of the Tawhidi String Relationship (TSR) for the study of IEF in the light of a generalized system and cybernetic worldview.

The principal objective of the Doctoral Program in IEF is the interdisciplinary analytical study of Islamic Economics and Finance as an embedded system within the Tawhidi (monotheistic) worldview of unity of knowledge. Such a study while being of the generalized system and cybernetic genre is also extensively comparative. The IEF study overarches the exegesis of the Qur’an, the Sunnah, Maqasid as-Shari’ah, epistemology, technical theory, application, and empirical analysis. These are carried out by means of sophisticated mathematical, statistical, and econometric and computer modeling methods. Notable teachers teach in IEF. They are required to expound their expertise centered in TSR.

TSR is abbreviation for Tawhidi String Relationship. This is the essential scientific methodology derived from the Qur’an and the Sunnah for the study of unity of knowledge as epistemology of the variables and their relations arising from specific and general problems under investigation. Thus the Doctoral Program in IEF, the Tawhidi Scientific Research Program (TSRP) acquires the following approach: Teaching, research, student comprehension exams, seminars, course examination, examination by defense, and Ph.D. dissertation. In all of these preparations the TSR methodology and its empirical application in research topics is indispensable. Without the comprehensive methodology of TSR and its application using the Circular Causation empirical method, students cannot pass exams and dissertations and thus graduate with Doctoral Degree. IEF has able teachers and a growing library with good references to enable students to learn TSR. Teachers are required to teach their courses in the light of TSR.

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