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Journal of Tawhidi Studies (JTS), a refereed multidisciplinary biannual publication with the methodological focus, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge, UK.

Online Quarterly Tawhidi Bulletin (QTB) as newsletter and publication of reviewed short notes. Insert brightly coloured and well-crafted Insignia of ITS here.

Professor Masudul Alam Choudhury
Ph.D. M.A. (University of Toronto)
MSC. MPHIL (Quaid e-Azam University)
BSC HONS (PURE MATHS. Dhaka University)

Contemporary pioneer of the analytical methodology of Tawhidi socio-scientific worldview in economics, finance, philosophy of science, and society in its generality and specifics systemic perspective.

Tawhid and World-System (TWS) website is associated with the Postgraduate Program in Islamic Economics and Finance, (IEF) in the Faculty of Economics, Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. It is devoted to the study of the methodological approach premised in the relational epistemology of unity of knowledge (Tawhid). This conceptual foundation of the Islamic methodological worldview is then followed by its applications to the unification of evolutionary learning dynamics in the world-system with the dynamics of organic system interaction and integration.

Most recent select scholarly publications as sample:

  1. Five volumes of encyclopaedic published work with different generic titles contained within Science and Epistemology in the Qur’an, Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2006.
  2. “Neuro-cybernetics of socio-scientific system”, Mind and Society, 9:1, 2009. (Springer)
  3. “A meta-epistemological general-system model of Islamic economics: a critique of economic theory and modeling”, Social Epistemology, 25:4, 2011 (Francis Taylor)
  4. “Estimating an ethical index of human wellbeing”, Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 45, 2011.
  5. “The methodology of Islamic economic and socio-scientific inquiry”, Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, 30A, 2012 (Emerald).
  6. (with Saleh Ahmed) “Perturbation theory in cognitive socio-scientific research: towards sociological economic analysis”, Mind and Society, 12:2, 2013 (Springer Verlag)
  7. “Complexity and endogeneity in economic modeling”, Kybernetes, International Journal of Systems, Cybernetics and Management Studies, 42:2, 2013. (Emerald)
  8. “Fiscalism as spending and monetary integration”, International Journal of Management Studies 20:2, June 2014.
  9. “Religion and Social Economics”, under review in International Journal of Social Economics, 2014 2014 (Emerald)
  10. “Res extensa et res cogitans de maqasid as-shari’ah” under review in International Journal of Law and Management, 2014 (Emerald)
  11. “The social political economy according to Ghazali’s peripatetic thought: comparative perspectives”, Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, (2:3), May, 2014.
  12. Tawhidi Epistemology and Its Applications, Cambridge, Eng: Cambridge Scholarly Publishing, 2014.
  13. God-Conscious Organization and the Islamic Social Economy, in press with Gower (Ashgate Group) 2014.
  14. Works under progress: Islamic Financial Economics and Islamic Banking, accepted by Gower (Ashgate Group) to go to press in January 2015.
  15. Book research during the time as Visiting Professor of Social Economics, Social Economy Centre, OISE, University of Toronto, Summer 2014: Islamic Economics Post-Orthodoxy.
  16. See c.v. for rest of the listings.

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