The developing of religious based (especially Islamic) economy in the global world has encouraged people to learn more what exactly it is. Aware of needs and to resonse people who want to have a further study in this field, Trisakti University build a high commitment with many experts from worldwide to provide Post Graduate Program on Islamic Economics and Finance, Master of Science (MSc), Master of Phillosophy (M.Phil) and Phillosophy Doctor (PhD) courses, particularly with Professor Masudul A. Choudury. This program is designed to produce people who posses not only intelligent but also integrity as professional. In these respects, the program will also build the skills and expertise as well as professional orientation in Islamic Economy with global view.

This rigorous an sometimes intensive nature of lecture in selected courses will particularly benefit the reconstruction of the Ummah by seriously quantitive, analytical and quantitative policy oriented student. The demand is heavy in IEF Program at the level of intelectual preparation. In the applied field the IEF Program will prepare students to study quantitative policy oriented issues and problems using systems models and their computer and scientific treatment.

tawhid world system

Prof. Masudul Alam Choudhury TAWHID WORLD-SYSTEM